Monday, April 27, 2015



Back then, you were the one who went through that hard time. You cried, sad, teared a lot. You felt like you could not make it. You felt like you lost.

Now, you again who is smiling. Yes, you manage to go through it.

The bitterness will not fade away. I believe that. Yet, you will feel like over and over even though it has been replaced with happiness. But, it is not enough to pay you hard time. If you are the type who hold the grudge, you would not be you now!

Sometimes, I just want to be me. Not a pretender or an actor. Bash all the unsatisfied towards human. But, that is not you. That is not you to let others know that you are sad now. Let it just be like this, as long as you can bear it.

Yeah, for sure He is with you along the way. Since that will always happen, just put that up to your mind and heart. 

I want to take revenge, but I cannot as I love you so much! 

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