Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silence for STRENGTH


Only be with someone who you think you can learn from. They should be smarter than you in certain ways so that you can continue to grow and be interested. Be with someone who lets you talk for hours about your passions and goals, and seems moderately interested in them. Be with someone who gives you good advice, and that you trust with your life. Be with someone who you wouldn’t be afraid to be naked emotionally and physically in front of, as all your barriers will be crushed down. Be with someone who you consider a friend as well as a lover and a companion. Be with someone who you would proudly introduce to your parents, your sister, brother, aunties, uncles, cousins etcs. Be with someone who you would raise a family with, and know they will love your child and try their absolute best for them. Be with someone whos silence you share is comfortable. Be with someone who makes you smile and laugh. Be with someone who you know will remind you about your love if you’re unfortunate enough to get dementia, someone who would hold your hand next to you in your death bed. Be with someone who does not complete you, but adds to you, to make you a better person. Be with someone who would learn a language in order to communicate with your family properly, one that would cross the seven seas to see you, one that is flexible enough to love you even if you’re oceans away. Be with someone who thinks about you - your smile, your eyes, your laugh, the way you say a certain word, how your hair falls, how you twitch your nose a little too much. Likewise be with someone you think about all the time too. Above all, choose to be with someone whom you are undoubtedly proud that you are with them.
well-said! Finding spouse, 
Hard enough.
Well, turn to Allah,
Drop burdensome, 
Give heart to Him.

The silence part is when you are thinking about the problem, and it could be the perfect time for you to gain some strength from Him The Almighty.

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