Sunday, May 6, 2012

wasiat cinta #1


i just feel like wanna write it, leave something for all peoples which are in my heart..i am not rich, having properties, but i do have a heart to put all the love from who i loved the most :) i just want them to know that i really do love them the most, even sometimes it was too hard to understand their reason for hurting me, but still the love remain..even sometimes i feel like i am the only who did giving all the love, but still i want to keep them in my heart..:')

to mom and dad,
please tell them that i love them the most..i can't bear to see them hurt, even just a bit..i hate seeing them fight even i think it was just a small matter, and it is normal for them as 'sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit'..i hate when i see their worried face when thinking of my others siblings, i hate to face their fierce face when they are not in good mood again just because of my others heart ache so much when i hear them sighed about my little bro behavior..again i hate to see their serious-face when discussing about us..again and again, i just wanna see their beautiful faces, with a good smile, and a bright glance, and for sure in a lovely environment..i just wish them to be happy, and stay happy without bothering about me, or my bro, or my little bros, or even my little sis..i do not have much money, i don't have much kindness to present, yet i also have nothing for them to proud of! but i just wanna them know, i have that unconditional love for them, which will exist in my heart, until my last breath in sha Allah..and i had my pray for them, every time when ever my hands up for any prayer, standing in assembly, sitting in class, running in rainy day, laying to sleep, walking to class, wake up in the morning, fore head on the ground, still there are..even when i am no longer with them, being beside them, sitting in front of them, 'empty-ing' my room for Allah's call, i want to make them proud of having me as a daughter :") and i want them know, i appreciate all of their doing, thank you mak, ayah! kak sayang mak ayah sangat..

ayah tak banyak cakap, but still we know that he loves us damn much <3 just seeing through his actionsssss, we know that :) alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah alhamdulillah :DD

cukupkee nak tunjukkan kasih sayang hanya sekadar tulis dalam blog? (this word from 'kamu')
and i said, memang takkan penah cukup, tapi sebab mak dan ayah takkan penah baca sume nih, so when i am no longer with them, i think someone will show this to them, hidden feeling from me just for them :)

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