Sunday, May 4, 2014



Life is like completing a puzzle. A blank puzzle. You don't know how to start, and of course you also don't know the end. It is a 'try-and-error' version. You can put any piece to any place, but it is not the final. It may be changed to here and there, depends on the pieces around it. Sometimes, you have completed a few, but that a few pieces is at the wrong place. Again, change the place. 

Life is something link to each everything. Just like puzzle, from the side, to the middle, to the end, bottom, above or any conjunctions that you put, still got a link between them. Like teacher and pupils, the one who create the puzzle will know the answer. It same goes to this life. The Creator, He knows the best! 

And me, I am the pupils now. A pupil who is trying hard to complete her puzzle of life. She found a few pieces that she had choose a few places in the board to be put, yet she still confuses about the answer. She afraid that she might have to think again and again to change the puzzle. She feels ease with that, she does not want to change it. She just want to complete it like what she imagines. But, she afraid that she might chose the wrong pieces for that place, that will affect others places. 

She really hopes that the confusing-thinking will go away, disappear like a bubble! She prays for that.

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