Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#8 my hope


i am okay when being scolded by others because of the one i love, but i am so sad when the one that i love does not even admit their wrong, but finding others to blame :(

i am okay being hurt by the one i love, but i am sad when the one i love just walk away without thinking the main reason i let them free without burst out my hidden feeling :(

i am okay being tortured by the one i love, but i am sad when they left me because i ask them to be with me in jannah :(

my only hope, 
just wanna see you smile in the right way towards Allah, is it cruel? -.-
even you are far away, even you are called enemy, even you are not with me, 
it's enough when i know you are to that destiny no matter with whom you go!

*sometimes, you have to let them on their own, and mind your own business.

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