Wednesday, July 18, 2012

me and you :)


alhamdulillah khidmat komuniti dah abess, so now lets us focus on Ramadhan kareem :) saimen pom dah postpone, so why not again giving hundred percent to that month? entering that barakah month with pure heart and hight intuition to gain high class deed in ramadhan <3 its not that easy, but what if we try it first? then the niah first also the good deed :) 

sometimes, i am thinking of what actually the aim to be here, in this world? when seeing ustazah fatimah syarha, with her lovely talk, then i think, owhh, there is much more which we does not concern but indeed it is the must to concern about! 

dalam Islam, ada perkara yang baik dilakukan, tapi ada perkara yang lebih baik :)
her <3

so, yess sometimes its good to care about certain things, but it is better to take take good care of other certain things :) does not makes sense? then, reflect ourselves, and in sha Allah the answer would be there soon :) 

give me advice! said a man.
be not angry :)
a man cannot be muslim till his heart and tongue are so!
nana <3

everything is connected! :)
me <3

Fi amanillah :)

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