Wednesday, May 23, 2012

sanah helwah my love :)


zaharani omar, beloved teacher!

23 MAY 2012 :D


TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY! :) ♥♥♥ kinda long, bear with it..

'To all my beloved students, please make doa for me. seems that I'm getting older, remembering all those sweet memories we cherished together. Sorry for all my wrongdoings, intentionally/unintentionally, shall i die before you, remember me in ur prayers , we're all great sinners , so please forgive me. May Allah the almighty shower us his taufik hidayah. Remember, perform solat at early hours, recite the holy Quran daily, take care of your aurat and your so/l life. Never did i punish you with anger in my heart - my words, my rotans, my punishment, my lines, etc etc are to make you ponder of my love to you. oh Allah, may you safeguard all my students, whrever they are. Turn them into faithful muslims. To those who're married , take good care of your children, be patient in growing them. Remember, life has its own ups and downs. So, if it is fated that you fall down in the middle of s/where, come to Allah, even if you have to crawl. wake up. make failures, setbacks, your love ones and the beauty of nature that surrounds you as a contemplation of your heart. never turn back. Insya Allah, u'll find your way. So, my beloved students, may you take my words wisely cause, this is truely FROM SIR WITH LOVE, expressing to you from the innerside of my heart. (This sms is sent to you from Taman Negara Pahang. Just having break here with mother nature at the moment). MIND YOU, PLEASE PASS THIS MSG TO EX WATANIAH STUDENTS AND LET US MAKE DOA TOGETHER.'

reply :
i love you too sir! thank you for being there for me before as i had learned many thing from you sha Allah, i will be a good muslimah and i want you to see me one of your proud-student-to-be! looking forward to see you sir, but Allah's plan is much better than us so may be who knows one day i get the chance to visit your place with my yeon-ni :P as you won't allow us to know your home except for bringing our family along, then may that thing happen soon to me and you can see that this dancing girl which you like to torture a lot is matured enough and may be being upgrade to be dancing mom :P okay, waiting for your reply message but i found this in SMKAWA's group, so for the time being consider this as your reply okay sir? i miss you a lot and i love you damn much! 

dancing girl SPM 2008 :D

i miss him so much, pray for me sir :)

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