Saturday, April 30, 2011

o Allah


if i can say all this to who ever i want..if i can tell the truth feeling of mine..if i can say it out loud to the world what i feel..but, the thing is, i'm thinking about your feeling, their feeling..because i can't hurt people..i'm not that kind of people..

if i can just burst out on my own..if i can yell so that i'm okay again..if i can take the revenge so that you will feel the same..but, once again..i can't..because i'm still thinking about your feeling..

it's hurt..really hurt..and all i think is, i don't want anyone else to feel the same as mine..because it's so hurt..i wonder. n wonder could that people willing to do that to their same gender??how could the people just be like that when i'm still thinking of their feeling for not feel the same??

easy to say, but hard to do it..

o Allah,
if you really hear me,
give me YOUR love..
take it back this kind of love
because i don't need it any more..

o Almighty,
if i am the strong one,
give me the strength,
so that i will walk and walk on your way of love..

o The Merciful,
i am done..
done with all sort of thing about the world..
done with all the thing i hope,
except for YOUR love again..

o The Gracious,
i wish to be at one place..
that just me and You only..
that make me think of You over and over..
that make me leave all the world's burden..
parents, sibling, friends, study, and all again..
and the sucking love..

o The Guardian,
look over me..hear me..
all i can do is pray and pray..

o Allah,
i'm Your slave
nothing i have
except Your LOVE..

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