Friday, December 24, 2010

a motivator

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when happened to miss someone, pray for him/her, because Allah would hear everything from HIS slave..:)
believe me..when you are away from solah and Qoran, you will feel lonely and you are kind of lost something that you do not even know it..a girl used to feel it..:)
so heaven when your life have a path..:)
finding for the path is not hard when you want it..
HE takes hidayah for a while,
so that we know how to appreciate..

sometimes, you need to motivate yourself..sometimes, you have to be like a motivator..
because, the one who are talking will be
more motivated than the one who are listening..why i say so??
did you realize that your ear is place near enough to your mouth??
did you notice that your heart is right down your mouth??
did you know that your brain will digest all your doing and acting??
you will be clearer to hear, faster to save and quicker to digest..
the others??
hurm..that's why a motivator is more excited
than the listener..
and..that's why a motivator is more energetic
than the listener..
in a nutshell,
it is common when there is a listener who will down..
and it is really3 weird for the motivator happened to tired..
as a result,
whenever you are down,
have an easy solution..
by standing in front of the mirror..
and say something that fire you up again..

*advise org cam senang je, cam syok je..diri sendiri cari org gak time down..
*ish, motivasi org tu kan more to motivate ourself..POSITIF2!!
*a bunch of thanks to who ever that happened to be my ear before, now and after..kamsahamnida!!

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